March 21, 2013

Best Dog Travel Tips

Many of us are travelers and have pet. Sometimes, this is inconsistent, because we encounter many obstacles when traveling with our dog. For this reason, and because I am the first interested in taking my pet with me, I will publish a series of posts with tips for traveling with dog.
Traveling pet

First of all, I want to present a very special traveler: Kiba. It is a 12 month miniature dachshund that has been a little time in the family, but he already knows what's getting on a plane! He always comes with us wherever we go and he loves it. He just want to be in family...

Consejos viajar con perro en avión

Traveling by plane

One of the most complicated transport when moving to another country or city with your pet is the plane. You must always notify when making the purchase of the ticket, you're traveling with your pet, for make the booking too, as there is a quota of animals per flight.
¿Main cabin or plane cellar? 

Perhaps this election is the most difficult to choose this transport for traveling with our pet. It all depends on the size of your dog.

If you have small dog (less than 6 kilos), you can travel with him smoothly into the cabin, and put your dog on your feet or on you while landing and takeoff. You have to be sure that you have a proper crate or bag to bring with you and never leave your pet out during the flight. The approved measures depend on each airline, but I recommend you not exceed the average size for British Airways, American Airlines or Lufthansa: maximum 45 cm long, 35 cm wide and 25 cm deep, provided that the sum of the three dimensions not exceeding 105 cm.
Traveling with Kiba, I chose a backpack that has wheels and also works as a trolley. Very comfortable for your pet and for you as well.

Consejos viajar con perro en avión

If your dog is big and over 6 kilos, the transportation is more complicated. It would be mandatory in the cellar, and this issue creates a huge controversy. Many travelers do not want to risk taking your pet in this compartment of the aircraft, animals can suffer sudden temperature changes  and long time unattended. Personally, I do not know if he would travel with my dog ​​if I had to keep him in the cellar, unless I would have no choice; but the option is there, and it is inevitable in case you move to another country or the trip is very long.

The price of the journey

Of course, to take your pet with you on the plane, you have to pay a fee. Depending on the itinerary, can be from 25 euros each way, up to 300 euros, and is treated as excess baggage. Taken into account, because this amount must be paid before checking in the suitcase. In the check-in desk the staff will indicate where you have to pay. And once paid, they will deliver a receipt for you to keep.

Do not forget 

Also, if you travel with your pet, consider this list of tasks before the trip:

1. Seek veterinary previously is very important in case you need a review or a vaccine.

2. European Passport with all vaccinations in order (the age of your pet must be at least 8 weeks to go)

3. The microchip is mandatory

4. Bring a prize and a
toy for waiting times

5. No watering or feed your pet three hours before the flight if he gets dizzy

6. Bring a towel or a blanket if it's cold

7. Go for a long walk with your pet before going to the airport


Beware if you visit certain countries in Europe with your pet, as they are more stricts in their rules, like the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Malta.

Think twice if you want to fly with low-cost airlines because many of them do not accept pets! Pet Air Travel has updated information on the requirements of the major airlines.

Hope you like these tips for traveling with your dogHappy doggy flight!