March 29, 2013

Friday Pic: Ambergris Caye

In Spain, we're having a real rainny season and what inspires me in months like this, is thinking of traveling to tropical islands with crystal clear water. TripAdvisor travel Web, like every year, asked travelers to determine which is the best island in the World, and today's Friday Pic it's dedicated to this magnificent island: Ambergris Caye.
White beaches and a mangrove in the interior, the largest island of
Belize is a paradise for divers because of its magnificent reef barrier and its amazing Blue Hole, 120 meters deep with a breathtaking marine fauna. It's the second largest barrier in the World, and in 2006 became a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Friday Pic: Cayo Ambergris, Belize
Photo by Knowsphoto
Who wouldn't want to pack right now and fly to the Caribbean Sea to the amazing island of Belize? With today's Friday Pic, at least we can dream of one day traveling to Ambergris Caye.

¡Happy Friday!