March 22, 2013

Friday Pic: Borneo

After my safari in Kenya, where I could enjoy nature and wild animals, I realized, that is another approach to travel, besides monuments, cities and buildings; Nature has a lot to offer. So today Friday Pic is dedicated to the island of Borneo, a natural paradise situated in Southeast Asia.

On one island, the third largest in the World, there are three different countries: the independent Sultanate of Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak regions belonging to Malaysia and Kalimantan region from Indonesia. Interesting, isn't it?

Mapa -Borneo-Friday-Pic

Most of Borneo, is virgin, so it is sparsely populated and new animal species are discovered every year. Rainforest is abundant in the island, home to a very special inhabitant: the red orangutan. This magnificent animal is threatened due to deforestation that began in the early twentieth century, to settle on the island rubber plantations. To give you an idea, during 1890 and 1990 more wood was exported from the island of Borneo than from South America and Africa combined.

So today I bring you two photos of this amazing Bornean orangutan, to sensitize people about their protection and to introduce this part of the world that is worth the visit.

Reclining orangutan-Friday-Pic-Borneo
Photo by Zrim

Orangutan - Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre - Borneo
Photo by Matley0

Happy Friday!!