March 14, 2013

Interview by Nathan & Sofia from AsWeTravel

All travel bloggers follow hundreds of blogs every day because, in addition to write about our experiences, we are passionate about travel and read stories from others. It’s another way to travel and very rewarding. 

One of the first blog I started reading was As We Travel, written by Nathan and Sofia, two amazing travelers who left everything to travel the World 5 years ago and haven’t stopped since. When I told them about the MindfulTravelbySara interview, they were so happy I was thrilled. They are such an inspiration.

1. When and why did you decide to left everything and travel the around the world?

In 2005 Nathan wanted to leave his life in New Zealand, so he booked a flight to Switzerland and left the country with a one-way flight ticket, no plans and only €100 in his pocket.

He found a way to make it work, and a few years later the two of us met in Sweden. It was Sofia's lifelong dream to travel the world when she finished high school, and once she graduated we left on an 8 month trip around the world, and only came back to Sweden briefly before we left again - today we no longer have a home and travel the world full-time.

2. When, why and how did you start your travel blog?

We started a blog back in 2008 before our first trip - it was a personal blog for our friends and family back home - it wasn't until we started getting comments from people we didn't know that we realized that our blog could be so much more, and we found out about the whole travel blogging community that was out there and in 2010 started the blog: www.aswetravel.com

3. What is the best thing of travelling?

When you travel you get to see so many different cultures and lifestyles and it helps to become more open minded to new and different ways of living.

4. What thing you always put in your luggage and you never forget?
We would never leave without our laptops and a camera.

5. What kind of traveler are you?

I guess you could call us "flashpackers", we travel with a lot of technology and prefer to stay in private rooms, hotels or apartments rather than dorms, but always try to keep the daily budget low, so we can focus our money more on local experiences.

6. What’s your most memorable travel experience or favorite trip ever and why?

In 2011 we challenged ourselves to travel to 33 countries in Europe in 75 days by train, making a video in every country, which turned out to be the most exhausting and incredible thing we've ever done.

We saw and experienced so much in such a short time, and it really pushed us to see how much we could handle - you can watch all our videos from that trip here: www.youtube.com/aswetravel

7. And the worst?

One of the worst experiences was when Sofia caught the Bali belly in Bali - a nasty food poisoning from a restaurant that we now realize was suspiciously cheap.

8. Is there any destination you would never want to go?

We're open to visiting most destinations, but would definitely think twice about visiting war zones such as in Somalia.

9. Three things you always have in mind when you are planning a trip.

The one thing that has worked the best for us is to never plan too much in advance. We get an overview of the country and what places people recommend to visit, but always leave space for spontaneity.

We also look for inspiration online (especially photos) of where to visit - finally, the weather plays a role in the planning as well. If we're going to a country during their off season, we generally avoid the beaches and plan other activities instead.

10. Do you prefer relax or adventure?

We prefer adventure, usually those are the experiences and memories we remember the most.

However, the best combination is often a little bit of both - there is nothing like waking up before dawn and sit by the beach to watch the sunrise before you swim out to surf.

11. Do you know Spain? If yes, what do you think of the places you visited?

Spain is awesome! Nathan's favorite city in Spain is San Sebastian, while Sofia really likes Barcelona.

12. Is there any culture that changed your thinking?

Every country we've traveled to has opened our eyes to new perspectives and ways of thinking, from the conservative traditional Bavaria in Germany to the spiritual traditions in Indonesia and the friendly and humble people of Vanuatu.

13. Have you ever try Couchsurfing?

We tried it once in a small town called Ballina in Australia. It was a great experience and the hippie family we stayed with was very friendly and showed us around the area.

14. What is your advice for people who just started their travel blogs?

Post articles on a regular basis and make sure to share them on all your social media networks - don't get discouraged if your progress isn't happening as fast as you had expected but be persistent, be passionate about what you do and share good and useful content.

15. Where are you off to next?

Tomorrow we're off to Salzburg for two weeks, then we'll spend a few days skiing in Tirol and continue to Bologna in Italy after that.

Interview by Nathan & Sofia from AsWeTravel.com, a travel blog sharing travel tips, videos, guides and inspiration from around the world - Nathan & Sofia also run EuropeTravelr.com, a blog focused purely on European travel.

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