April 26, 2013

Friday Pic: Easter Island

Todays I have special collaboration for Friday Pic section. Marysia from My Travel Affairs, shared with Mindful Travel bySara her amazing experience in Easter Island

It’s a place I’ve really love to visit, so mystic and unknown, that I think you’re going to like today’s photo story of Marysia’s travel. Plan ahead of your trips like this one I just had, by doing all researches about very cheap holidays online.

I have visited Chile back in March of 2010. It was, as usual, quiet spontaneous decision. But one thing I knew, I wanted to visit Easter Island to admire famous monolithic human figures carved by Rapa Nui people called ‘moai’. There is something so mysteriously appealing about them. 

Friday Pic: Easter Island

‘Moais’ stand proudly in different places of this beautiful Polynesian island. As you can see on the picture, they have been put on stone platforms called ‘ahu’. Surprisingly you never have enough of spotting and photographing them. Easter Island is a trip I would recommend to everyone who ever visit Chile. Located in the middle of the ocean, unique and full of Polynesian heritage. I had an amazing time three, you can horse-ride around island, you can go cave and volcano trekking, dive or just stay on the beach and read a book while admiring ‘moais’.

Marysia is a bubbly Girl behind My Travel Affairs blog, who passionately travels around the world. You can find her on Facebook and Google +.

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Happy Friday!