April 18, 2013

Interview to MindfulTravel by Vero4travel

Today's post is dedicated to the interview I have done in Vero4travel. For those who do not know it, just say that is a great travel blog, and its creators, Jesus and Veronica Martinez, write about their experiences traveling around the world, plus amazing stories, tips and great interviews.

Through such interesting questions they asked me, you can know a little bit more about me, my blog, Mindful Travel by Sara and my travels. 

That is the aim of the initiative created by Vero4travel, which, through their interviews to different travelers, we can express our concerns, tips and experiences, and so let us know other people with the same interests.

You can read the full interview on the following link: Interview to MindfulTravel by Vero4travel.

Finally, I would like to thank Vero4travel for this amazing interview because it has been a new and great fun experience.

¡Happy thursday!