April 4, 2013

Mindful Travel, travel philosophy and inspiration

Why Mindful Travel? What does it mean travel with full consciousness?

For me, it's a philosophy of life, a way of thinking and feeling. I really recommend traveling this way, because once you try it, you won't be able to do it in another way.

Mindful Travel, travel philosophy and inspiration

I read somewhere that a journey, first it's a dream. That's so true. Since I took my first plane, when I was 6 years old, I knew this will guide my life. That sense of getting on a plane and feel that for a moment everything is left behind, stress, worries, everyday duties... now just enjoy, learn what the trip has to teach me, cultures, learn different ways of thinking... A challenge that motivates each traveler who feels that "virus" inside. A "disease" from which I don't want to heal.

Mindful Travel, travel philosophy and inspiration

When the plane lands, the car reaches its destination or train stops at the station, the rest of the way starts. Many months planning what will be an unforgettable experience, not one more medal on our list of countries visited, but a feeling that stays with you forever.

You arrive at your chosen accommodation as your place of rest between your sightseeing tours, and just need to take the camera and your travel guide, and get out as quickly as possible to see what awaits you in this new city full of monuments and stories to discover. So, what if you have to get up at dawn to seize more the day? Those crazy traveler symptoms don't let you think about that, motivation is so high that you dont want to miss a second´of your trip.

Landscapes, sights, smells, people... all portrayed in your mind and in your photos, so you never forget this wonderful place that will bring many memories to you later. A song, a melody, a phrase, everything reminds you wath was lived then ans you can never forget...

But always it's time to go home. After visiting this historic building, making the most spectacular photo, strolling to the most colorful neighborhood or knowing the most shocking culture, it's time time to return to reality. 

What does it mean? Is it the end? Not at all. You have left every sensation, image, all you've lived, learned and above all, everything you have to live now; because when you get home, the journey begins again. 

Read, plan, imagine, dream...

That is the philosophy of complete travel, and the meaning of the name of the blog. Do you feel the same? Would you like to join the Mindful Travel experience?

Mindful Travel, travel philosophy and inspiration