April 16, 2013

Top 10 places to visit in Venice

Venice is one of the ideal cities to visit for a long weekend or 3-4 days. A unique city in the whole World where architecture and history melt, leaving a good taste who decides to visit.

In this post I recommend the top 10 places to visit in Venice that you can't miss:

Piazza San marcos 

Known as St Mark's Square, it's hard to enjoy this place without people. It is always crowded with tourists and pigeons, but everything has a reason. Surrounded by famous buildingsSt Mark's Square is the center of Venice and we can enjoy the magnificent Campanile with its spectacular 100 feet high, and dozens of outdoor cafes and shops where find items that you can´t even imagine. Such an amazing place!

Ducal Palace

Stunning Gothic architecture Palace, is known for keeping paintings by Tintoretto and Veronese. but what is unknown about this place, are the cells that are hiding in the basement of the Palace and from where the famous Casanova escaped and ran across the rooftops of Venice. This places full of history, is a must. 

San Giorgio Maggiore 

This small island of San Giorgio Maggiore, at the end of the Grand Canal towards St Mark's Square. Established in 982, the monastery of San Giorgio with its famous basilicatoday is a center of art called Giorgio Cini Foundation

Santa Maria de la Salute

Amazing church that stands in the landscape of Venice. If you are in St Mark's Square and look ahead, you can not miss it. It's gorgeous, with its huge dome, dominates the Venetian skyline and it has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the city.

Bridge of Sighs

Legend says that women went through the channels around the Ducal Palace when it was a prison, and sighed for male prisoners, which has given its name to the famous Bridge of Sighs

Grand Canal

Rialto, is the most significant bridge that crosses the Grand Canal in Venice. From there, you can enjoy stunning views of the canal and the movement of taxis, gondolas and vaporettos. Grand canal is the most important way of the city and both sides are full of colorful palaces and churches not to be missed.


This unique island is located at 7 km from Venice. It takes 20 minutes by vaporetto and then you realize it was worth the trip. Narrow channels filled with colorful through the surrounding houses because their facades are painted each one of a different color. Wonderful island!


Góndola o vaporetto 

The best transportation to get around Venice is the vaporetto. If you pick it up from the train station Santa Lucia, you can drive down the Grand Canal and enjoy the Venetian movement and daily life. It is also very useful to cross between areas of the city that are not connected with a bridge.

The gondola is a unique experience, although its pricey, cause it's significantly higher than the vaporetto. The good thing is that the gondola can get you between canals and alleys where other means of transport can't cause do not fit well and you are able to discover not so tourist areas of the city. It's always an amazing exprecience to explore Venice through the  Gondolier's

Venetian Carnival Masks

One of the most important events is the Carnival of Venice. Thousands of people dress up every year and there is a supplement that you should never miss: the mask. The choice is not random, as each one has to be accompanied with its corresponding costume. It is not the same mask when you dress up as Polichinela, in white with painted red nose, or as Harlequin, with his diamond suit and clown mask. The Venetians think of every detail, because for them it is a very important tradition.

Throughout Venice, you can find hundreds of shops to buy these masks and take a piece of Venice with you. When you walk into one of these stores, it's like time travel; quite an experience.

The best carbonara spaghetti

You won't find the most delicious food of Venice, in St Mark's Square. Looking through the streets and secret alleys of the city and you will discover great trattorias with wooden tables and checkered tablecloths, full of Italian customers. Then you know you have found the perfect place to taste the best carbonara spaghetti.
Da Remigio

When you visit Venice, don't forget to look for secret places, including streets and canals, colorful rooftops and dreamy passages.