May 10, 2013

Friday Pic: Fernando de Noronha

This week has been a week with lot of work and little sleep, and when I have weeks like that, nothing feels better than thinking about one of my favorite countries to make me smile: Brazil. So in today's Friday Pic I show you a place that I didin't had the opportunity to visit and I'd like to go some day, when I decide to return to my beloved Brazil: Fernando de Noronha.

Since a picture is better than a thousand words, today I bring you two photos of this amazing place.

Friday Pic: Fernando de Noronha
Photo by Michael Renner
Fernando de Noronha, located 360 kilometers from the famous Natal, is a volcanic group of 21 islands, where only the largest is inhabited. But not only we can visit the main island, but we can take a tour around the smaller ones, and discover a wonderful natural paradise where crystal clear waters, spectacular marine life and beaches, will take you to an unforgettable experience.

Even on stormy days the images that let Fernando de Noronha deserve a visit to the Brazilian archipelago.

Friday Pic: Fernando de Noronha
Photo by Enrique Pinto
I lfet you dreaming this weekend about traveling one day to one of the marvels of Brazil, with this Friday Pic of Fernando de Noronha.

Happy Friday!