May 17, 2013

Friday Pic: Micronesia

There are places in the world so unknown that we have never heard of them or just a little, and personally, I don't know anyone who has been there. I'm talking about Micronesia. So in today's Friday Pic I will tell you a little bit more about it so we can discover this incredible place.

Micronesia consists of a group of small islands, which together form eight different political territories. Do you know where they are located on the map? In Oceania! Are scattered through the Pacific Ocean.

Micronesian Cultural Area

Of the 8 distinct territories, three are states that depend on the United States, the rest are independent. And among all, there are more than 340.000 inhabitants.

Would you like to discover Micronesia? Look at the photo and close your eyes. Imagine yourself in these beautiful islands!

Friday Pic: Micronesia

Places with not so many tourism really worthwhile, virgin beaches, hidden treasures seabed, tribes that maintain their customs and so much more to discover. The perfect place for expert travelers and tireless explorers.

Have you visited any of the islands of Micronesia? I'd love to hear your experience! 

Happy Friday!