May 24, 2013

Friday Pic: Mongolia

Today's Friday Pic is dedicated to Mongolia. An impressive country that few travelers dare to visit and that I've recently added to my list of unique places to visit once in a lifetime.

It borders China and Russia and it's considered among the 20 largest countries in the world. So, lots of people living there? The answer is, no.

Most of the Mongolian territory is steppe and mountains and in the southern part of the country, is located the famous Gobi Desert. Its population is less than 3 million, with only 2 inhabitants per square km and about 30% are nomadic. Really are impressive figures.

Friday Pic: Mongolia
Photo by Departure Lounge
Mongolia is a destination worth discovering and get to know, but to me what catches my attention is its people. That honest look and sincere smile that invites conversation, learn their customs, understand their culture and live their day to day...

Photo by USAID
What do you say? Aren't you thinking right now including this wonderful destination to your must to visit list?

Mongolia also happens to be on of the destinations you can pass through when going on Trans Siberian Railway Tours. Don't you feel like taking the suitcase and fly to Mongolia?