May 12, 2013

Hawaii Travel Tips & Information

The idea of ​​visiting the islands considered by travel magazines as the paradise of surf and beaches that are among the best in the world, would not go away from my head when we decided to do a roadtrip along the West Coast of the United States.  

Would there be another chance like this to travel to Hawaii? And considering that we shouldn't miss opportunities like that, these are some tips and information for traveling to Hawaii you must not miss if you decide to visit these beautiful Pacific islands.

Consejos e información para viajar a Hawai

How to get to Hawaii

The first question we asked ourselves was: "Hawaii is so far from Spain so, how do we get there?" In my opinion, to visit Hawaii, you need time, and my recommendation is that you go with the idea of stopover at the West Coast of United States, spending a few days there and then fly to Hawaii, because if not, the journey is too heavy with many planes and scales. Keep in mind that the flight is 5 hours long, but I can assure you it's worth it!

I know we love to see as possible, but I think it is better to choose one of the Hawaiian Islands to visit it slowly and enjoy its beaches, forests and volcanoes, rather than trying to see all and end up not getting to know any of them. Or you can do something very common, as is the combination of two islands. But don't make you crazy trying to visit them all!

There are direct flights to several islands from major California cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. And the airlines that fly there are usually Delta, United, Alaskan Airlines, U.S. Airways, Hawaiian Airlines and Mokulele

I went in August from San Diego to Maui on Delta Airlines and I have no complaints. We got food and snacks and the service was great. The fare is not cheap, it cost 500 euros, although, depending on the time of the year, the price can vary between 200 and 600 euros.

Consejos e información para viajar a Hawai

Another thing you should know, is that ailines charge $ 25 for each checked bag and the maximum weight per bag is 23 kilos.

Getting around Hawaii

Undoubtedly the best way to get around the islands is by rental car. Public transportation is limited, especially in smaller islands like Kauai or difficult to access due to volcanic activity as in the Big Island.

The best thing is to plan journeys in advance, considering that the roads have any shoulder and you would drive many times to the edge of spectacular cliffs with
breathtaking views.

Consejos e información para viajar a Hawai

In each island, car rental companies are locate on the airport. I recommend that if you are traveling in high season, book your car in advance.

Consejos e información para viajar a Hawai

Driving in Hawaii is easy as there are not many roads, but enough to reach the most remote places. Well planned trips are a must as you have to choose the best route and the best views, because Hawaii is an unforgettable place.  

My last recommendation: increase the volume of the radio to hear the latest Hawaiian hits that I'm sure you'll love it.

This is only the first post of several about
Hawaii travel tips & information so I can tell you in detail how incredible time I spend there.