May 2, 2013

Would you come with me and Big Blog Exchange to United States?

As I posted last week, I was fortunate to be among the 100 finalists of Big Blog Exchange and last Monday the 16 winners were announced. So, today's post is to announce that I'm one of the winners of the contest and I'm very excited. I think it's a unique opportunity and I'm sure it will be an unforgettable experience. 

The prize consists on distributing 16 winners in couples and each pair exchange their countries and their blogs for 10 days, from 7th to 17th of June. I've been lucky enough to exchange with Andy Andersen, so he comes to Spain and I'm going to United States. Incredible!

During those 10 days Andy will write in my blog his experience in Spain and I will write on his, Backpacking Diplomacy, every other day, my experiences in United States. To let you know a little more about my exchange partner, Andy, on his blog, share their backpacking travels and tips around the world from a point of view with respect and affection, which he likes to call "diplomatic".

The theme of the contest is "Change the world with the power of blogs". And really successful, because in my opinion, bloggers, with their open mind about different cultures and ways of thinking, they can share through their  blogs, feelings, experiences, emotions and images that join the rest of the world. This video shows the spirit of Big Blog Exchange:


Hope you like the initiative and follow me on this new adventure!

Would you come with me and Big Blog Exchange to United States?