June 6, 2013

Big Blog Exchange 10 day Itinerary over United States

t's time! I count the hours to my trip to United States thanks to Big Blog Exchange and Hostelling International. So today I'll tell the 10 day travel itinerary  I'll have there, from 7th to 17th of June.

Itinerario de viaje: 10 días en Estados Unidos con Big Blog Exchange


Three days in a historic city that I've never been before and I've been wanting to visit. Famous Freedom Trail, stroll through the oldest neighborhoods of New England, and one of my dreams, whale watching are just some of the experiences that I will live during my stay in Boston.

San Francisco

For 3 days I will enjoy the famous Golden Gate, Sausalito, sunsets in the most high hills of the city and I will travel for a day to the south of San Francisco to see in first hand Pigeon Point and its spectacular cliffs.

Los Angeles

One of the areas that I didn't have the time to visit deeply was Santa Monica, Venice and Malibu, cycling along the wonderful beaches or hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains is what I really want.

The main distances I'll do by plane, but from San Francisco to Los Angeles I will have the fortune to travel by bus through one of the most breathtaking coastlines in the World.

In Boston, I will have the opportunity to sleep in one of the most modern and environmentally friendly lodges in the United States, located between Boston's Theater District and Chinatown.

And one of the most interesting experiences it will be spending a night in the famous lighthouse at Pigeon Point, surrounded by nature, beaches and cliffs with spectacular views!

Here's a video of this wonderful place:

I'll be writing my stories of this journey on Andy's blog, Backpacking Diplomacy; although'll I will tell you my daily experience through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest with Hasgstags #bigblogxUSA and #bigblogx to not miss anything.

I hope you enjoy my experiences in the United States and I will be very happy to read all your comments and suggestions!