June 4, 2013

Cesenatico: Discovering the Bella Vita

My first international blogtrip has been above my expectations. Meeting 35 bloggers from around the world, sharing with them a fantastic weekend in the Italian coast and visiting  Cesenatico, has been a reflection of what it's call Bella Vita.

Cesenatico: Descubriendo la Bella Vita

I had been a long time since I laughed so much. Thanks to the Cesenatico Bella Vita consortium, we enjoyed the Italian culture, delicious cuisine and colorful streets overlooking the old single channel of Cesenatico.

Despite the bad luck we had with transports on the day of arrival, nothing could ruin an unforgettable weekend. 

To get to Cesenatico, the faster way is flying into Bologna, and from there take a train that takes two hours to Cesenatico. You can also go directly through  Ravenna and Rimini, but from Madrid we didn’t have that option.

On Saturday the sky was grey and It was raining almost continuously. We all know that the beauty of cities and towns is not appreciated in the same way when it rains than when it's sunny. However, we didn’t loose hope. 

Porto-Canale is awesome. It is a canal that runs through Cesenatico, full of ancient fishing boats and it’s the only maritime museum with a floating section in Italy. It's amazing with its colorful boats, its height, how well preserved they are... 

It is certainly a work of art, designed by Malatesta Novello and improved by Leonardo Da Vinci.

The Sea Museum, took us into the history of this ancient seaport of great reputation in the Twentieth Century. We could see how important it is the symbol of Cesenatico, the eye shaped guide boats and is located at the front of the boats.

In the evening, nothing better than a spectacular dinner in the restaurant Capo del Molo at the Miramare Hotel, opposite the harbor, and next to the beach. 

We gather all bloggers to comment our day and know each other a little more. It was a unique event, where we could taste the delights of Cesenatico, from toast with fresh local fish to artisan chocolate and fruit desserts. Could we ask for more?

On Sunday, we had a sunny day of those that leave their mark. 

Early in the morning we headed to the harbor to enjoy a ride on a traditional wooden boat of 1925, which only goes sailing once a year and on special occasions. It was such a privilege to be there! 

Thus, we discovered the history and tradition of Cesenatico.

After the tour, nothing better than a stroll through the streets and markets of the town, to meet the day to day of the people living there. 

Cafes to taste an aperitif, with local shops, outdoor market with organic fruit and vegetables... A perfect place to spend a weekend and enjoy the real bella vita.

A "Rustida" of fresh fish, seafood rice and sparkling white wine, was what we tasted after a pleasant walk along the canal. 

The perfect final touch for a memorable weekend in Cesenatico.