June 21, 2013

Friday Pic: Azerbaijan

A Friday Pic about Azerbaijan? Yes, today I wanted to show you some pictures that I liked about this unknown country.

It may be a destination that is not on everyone's lips when it comes to holiday travel, but no less important. Sometimes those places that nobody talks about, hide a treasure and we would be surprised.

So now, I start to consider this country as a new place to visit some day. And why not?

Friday Pic: Azerbaiyán

I have discovered many things about this place I didn't know before. Azerbaijan is the largest country in the Caucasus. Gained independence from Russia in 1991 and has become a country with great economic power thanks to its natural resources as gas and oil.  

With this in mind, we can imagine the importance of his Muslim country.

Friday Pic: Azerbaiyán

Considered by the Persians as the Land of Fire, Azerbaijan's history dates back to the Paleolithic, and if we visit the conuntry, will discover great treasures as the spectacular mud volcanoes, Gobustan National Park with its paleontologists hiding remains of great value, the numerous stone monuments of Baku...

Now that we know a little more of Azerbaijan, would you like to go?