June 28, 2013

Friday Pic: Cook Islands

Today's Friday Pic is paradise! I'm sure there are some lucky travelers who has crossed the South Pacific to the Cook Islands. Well I'm so envious right now, but good envy!  

As summer has come and I'm sitting in the office, what I really want right now is to think in a faraway place and dream.

These 15 islands form an archipelago located between Samoa and French Polynesia. The main and most populous, is Rarotonga, and you will have to go there if you visit the islands, as is the place where the international airport
is located.

The islands are directly associated with New Zealand, which is responsible for giving them protection and exterior representation.

Friday Pic: Islas Cook
Photo by Brian Scantlebury
The typhoon season lasts from November to March, so you have to choose the perfect time to enjoy every little island.

Right now, sitting in front of the computer, I can't stop thinking about this picture of Cook Islands. What do you think?

Happy Friday!