June 20, 2013

Inspirational Travel Blogs (I)

According to the latest 2013 Social Travel conducted by NH Hotels, which examines how Spanish use new technologies and social media travel; blogs have become the third source of information we use to decide the destination of a trip and fourth source as to plan the trip is concerned.

This shows how important are travel blogs and how inspire us when choosing where to go and how to organize it.

So I open this new section of Inspirational Travel Blogs, which will add blogs that help me prepare for a trip, and those I read daily and I think have a very useful travel information and amazing pictures. Not only these blogs help me organizing my next destinations, but it lead me to find countries where I haven't been and I caqn travel without moving from home.

Blogs have something special and magical that make us dream awake...

Hope you like my first list of Blogs and will be a travel inspiration for you too!