June 11, 2013

Traveling with your dog: Cesenatico #cesenaticobellavita

Cesenatico's blogtrip wouldn't have been the same without my favorite traveler : Kiba. When Alessandra of 21 Grammy confirmed to me that I could travel with my dog, I couldn't believe it!

Traveling with your dog by plane is always a challenge because sometimes it goes better than others. In this case the outward was best than the way back, and even though the plane was small, as we flew with Air Nostrum, Kiba endured the flight perfectly. He was willing to come with me and that, he made ​​it clear!

To get to Cesenatico, we had over a two-hour train ride from Bologna. In Spain, it is mandatory our pet stays within the dog bag all the way, as happens on the plane, but surprisingly, in Italy it is not! Kiba could go outside on the train.

Once in Cesenatico, Kiba had a surprise in our accommodation. Such an amaing gift from Cesenatico Bella Vita!

From the first moment she felt like at home.

As happened on the train, when we got to the taxi, we had no problems to go with Kiba. In Cesenatico is widespread canine culture, and we found that most people have and love pets.

On Sunday, it lifted a spectacular sunny day and we had the trip in a traditional wooden boat sailing just once a year. I was so expectant about Kiba, as it was the first time he boated, and he normally is afraid of water!

To my surprise, he was thrilled! Kiba was so curious who kept lookiing out at the water and the movement outside the boat.

He was quite an expectation for all bloggers, who were part of the journey taking photographs of him.

The rest of the day we had a great time, visiting Porto Canale and making pictures with the colorful boats. Kiba was all the way to greet other people and their dogs. He was so happy!

And when we were exhausted, we sat down to drink some water. The weekend was so perfect...

To Kiba, this blogtrip has been an experience and felt comfortable at all times. Being able to enjoy it and see what sociable and happy he wasmade ​​me very excited.

Traveling with dog to Cesenatico has been a delight, and if you have a pet, I recommend you to visit this small town on the Adriatic coast with its company.