July 23, 2013

A tourist in my own city: Madrid

I don' know if you're like me, that I have the feeling I don't know the place where I live as I should. I tend to think that I have it so close that I can explore it at any time.

Well, as of this year 2013 I plan to become a tourist in my own city: Madrid.

Is the same thing happening to you? Surely many of us have visited cities near to ours, charming villages a few hours from home... but rarely woke up on a Saturday morning and say, this weekend I'm visiting my city.

Given that Madrid is divided by neighborhoods and each one of them offer a different attraction for everyone, it's easy to get organized around the city. So now I have no excuse to spend a weekend each month sightseeing.

Even thought I know some of the hotels in Madrid, many of them have spectacular terraces on their roofs. Grab a snack or a cocktail while enjoying the best views of the city it's the perfect sumer plan! 

Take the opportunity to visit a museum, of which I have vague memories when I was little and go around the city by public transport, as Madrid is crazy by car.

Every summer, thousands of tourists travel to the capital to enjoy all its glory, enjoying bars and typical spots.

And if your are coming to Madrid and like me, want to discover a little more about the history behind every monument and building, a perfect choice in these times of crisis are tour companies that offer free tours throughout town. Won't be dissapointed!

What do you think? Would you come with me to discover Madrid?