July 5, 2013

Friday Pic: Barcelona

When you get to Barcelona, you are surprised by its friendly atmosphere, pedestrian streets, terraces where you can have a drink, beach, harbor, unique monuments... So it's  easy to understand why people from around the world choose Barcelona for a few days stay. So today's Friday Pic, is dedicated to this cosmopolitan city.

I could choose thousands of photos about Barcelona, ​​but certainly, the wonders of Gaudí are the ones attract my attention.

Friday Pic: Barcelona
Photo by Carlos Lorenzo

When you walk through Barcelona, you can breathe the artist's works, with its originality, its colors and those unique curves that leave travelers with a good taste in their mouth.

Wether staying in a friend's house, in hotels or in apartments, don't forget to get up early to enjoy this vibrant city.

Happy Friday!