July 26, 2013

Friday Pic: Mount Fuji

Today I dedicate Friday Pic to Mount Fuji, a magical place that I hope to visit soon. Japan is a country that has always been on my mind and every year I have more desire to go there.

Symbol of the country, Mount Fuji has recently become a World Heritage Site. This huge mountain over 3,700 meters high, is the highest in Japan. Certainly a sunrise from Mount Fuji has to be spectacular. I can imagine myself walking to the top
with great enthusiasm...
Friday Pic: Mount Fuji
Photo by Nicolas Fleury
The truth is I could not choose a single photo of Mount Fuji. Depending on the season and despite its top always seems to be snowed, the images the mount leaves us are completely amazing, with different colors and a beautibul sky. It seems unique.

Friday Pic: Mount Fuji
Photo by Weesman2010

Who's up to climb Mount Fuji?

Happy Friday!