July 11, 2013

HI Boston: a modern and eco-friendly hostel

I havent' stayed in a hostel since I was 18 and thnaks to Big Blog Exchange contest and Hostelling International, I have met some of the best in the United States, including HI Boston, a modern and eco-friendly hostel.

HI Boston: un alojamiento moderno y ecológico

When I imagine a hostel, I always think of a place full of people with little space, many bunk beds and multiple bathrooms. But in this case, I was wrong. 

When I walked through the door the day I arrived in Boston, I couldn't believe it. A building with high ceilings, loft style, contrasting colors, where red, green, orange and grey are all around you. Full of life, large spaces, places to relax if you want to be quiet, or rooms with technology and different activities if you want to socialize. Such a wonderful place to stay!

Its location couldn't be better. Placed at 9 Stuart Street, is a three minute walk from the Boston Common and next to Chinatown. It's s located in the Dill building , from 1886, which is considered historic site by the National Registry of Historic Buildings of the United States.

The reception shares room with a small cafe, a huge room with tables and sofas, where you can chat with other guests, connect to Internet, with free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel, and enjoy the green environment that exudes every corner of the building.

And this hostel is very special, because it was built with sustainable standards, so it has become one of the most modern and eco-friendly hostels in the United States.

As an educational center, in each room you can see labels in green and white with barcodes. That means if you have a reader on your mobile, you can discover the history, materials and mission of each part of the building.

Inside the HI Boston, you'll find everything from a recycling center of waste and water; to elevators that generate energy when moving, low toxic painting, recycled carpets, light bulbs and green cleaning products. Amazing eco experience!

If in addition to that, I explain that the hostel is completely renovated, with a modern look, spacious rooms and individual bathrooms, we have the perfect combination.

Each floor is painted in a different color and has a distinct inspiration.

On the second floor, there is a kitchen and breakfast room, a room with pool tables, phone booths, computer space and one of the ones I liked the most: the relax room, where you can sit quietly in a comfortable couch and watch one of the many films they have every night.

What it's sure, is that staying in Boston has never been so rewarding. I loved the experience at HI Boston and above all, been able to sleep in a modern and environmentally friendly hostel. Are you coming?