July 9, 2013

How to choose the perfect Hawaiian Island?

Planning a trip to Hawaii, it’s not easy work. When it’s already decided enjoying one of the most famous havens in the United States, it comes the most difficult decision of all: How to choose the perfect Hawaiian Island?

How to choose the perfect Hawaiian Island?

Each of the islands have a different charm and depending on the tastes of the traveler, it’s better to choose one or another. Then I will show you all of them, so that it will be easier for you to choose one; and I will tell you which island was the one we visited!

Hawaii Island

This island, also known as Big Island, is the largest of all and you could say that is the wildest. Why? Its active volcanoes constantly washes emanating toward the sea. A unique show that you can see from a boat or helicopter. And of course, on this island is located Mauna Loa, the largest volcano on Earth in terms of area and volume, and the most sacred to Hawaiians.

But it also has something negative. It’s so difficult to move into Big Island, because road access is limited, precisely because of the numerous volcanic areas.


Close your eyes and imagine a green, wild, sparsely populated and full of places to discover island... where are you? Kauai. This is the furthest from the coast of the United States. Perhaps for that reason, is one of the least visited. A challenge for any traveler!


The most touristy of Hawaii, has appeared in commercials, television series and movies. Who doesn’t know the famous Waikiki Area or the historic enclave of Pearl Harbor? The accommodations are cheaper and there are more frequent flights. If you go with family or want comfort, this could be your island.


One of the less known islands and full of Hawaiian traditions. If you choose this island for a few days, I recommend you try one of the most spectacular experiences: walking the cliffs on horseback. And if you like fishing, this is your island!


This tiny island, Molokai’s neighbor, is a natural place to visit for a day-trip. In my opinion, it is best to combine it with other nearby islands, and discover Lanai on a tour of one or two days. Yes, here you will have quiet and deserted beaches!


Considered one of the best islands of Hawaii by Conde Nast Traveler, this was the choice for our stay in the surfing paradise, and I have to tell you, it was the perfect pick. The size of the island is the right one to be able to cross it by car, slowly every day. Enjoying a mixture of white sand beaches on one side of the island and volcanic beaches with coral reefs in the other.

Haleakala National Park is worth to spend an unforgettable evening at the volcano's summit enjoying the sunset; the views from Maui’s cliffs are breathtaking, and what to say about turquoise waters coves, the kind you can only find in the Pacific.

After a brief description of what you can find in each one, do you know what Hawaiian island would you choose?