July 2, 2013

Sunrise Koh Phi Phi tour

Sunrise  Koh Phi Phi tour is a must if you visit Thailand. These islands in the Andaman Sea, are one of the top tourist destinations in the South of the country and therefore millions of visitors arrive every year. 

In fact there are two islands, Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh, the smallest one. That was something that made me think it might not be the best destination to visit as it would be so crowded and would have to fight to get a decent photo.

But we were going to lose one of the most heavenly places in Asia? So we decided to get up earlier than usual to enjoy Koh Phi Phi with few tourists and so have the opportunity to see the islands in peace.

Excursión al amanecer en Koh Phi Phi

At 4 a.m. we waked up. I rather get up early when I travel, because I know what awaits me outweighs, because motivation and traveler philosophy can handle it all. The tour started from the Royal Phuket Marina and it took only one hour by speedboat. The trip was quite an experience. We were delighted by green and blue landscapes, islands in the sea, clear water and blue sky. We couldn’t ask for more!

Excursión al amanecer en Koh Phi Phi

We began in Maya Bay, famous for the film "The Beach".

Imagine the gateway between limestone mountains covered with pure nature and a clear water path that took us to a fine sandy cove where there was nobody.

Just shared the space with a traditional Thai fishing boat with bright colors and hundreds of small fish that made the place even more beautiful.

We waited a few minutes for the sun coming up, as it was very early, so you we could take better pictures.

It seems incredible how, after the 2004 tsunami that swept away everything in its path, it remains no trace of it in these islands. Nobody would say that was totally destroyed 9 years ago except for the "tsunami emergency exit" signals  that were placed new after the horrible disaster.

Walking around the island, we went through Loh Samah Bay, from where we could see a small island surrounded by coral reef, which then we went snorkel.

We stopped 4 times to enjoy the colorful fishes and my obsession was to find anemones an clown fish. Finally, in an area called Straight Rock, we found them! The current was strong in that part of the island, and the water beat against the rock, but that did not make us give up. Really worth it.

We found incredible sea effects and the ways over the years the rock formations in the area have changed. You could guess lots of figures as turtles, camels... What an imagination!

Of course, we couldn’t leave Koh Phi Phi without visit Monkey Beach. As you step off the boat and the shore, you really discover why people call it like that. About 20 monkeys are coming to us and asking for food. We had to be cautious because they are wild monkeys. When I took a peanut, monkey picked it up immediately. I’m pretty sure that these monkeys will live there forever. They are the kings of the place! It was a popular tourist stop, but I loved it!

At 4 p.m. we were back to Phuket. 

The trip to Koh Phi Phi left us indelible images. If you decide to go to the South of Thailand, don’t hesitate for a moment to visit these islands, at sunrise though!