July 18, 2013

Tips for packing light while traveling

How I can make the most of the space in my suitcase? How do I prepare the dressing caseShould I bring a first aid kit? There are many questions we ask ourselves when preparing our luggage, and I'd like to tell you some tips for packing light while traveling and make the "suitcase" moment easier and less stressful.

Consejos útiles para hacer la maleta

For me, there is something basic I always do before packing: a list of everything I'm going to wear so I don't forget anything. It is also very helpful to use it as a first filter, as you can see everything you want written and always realize you're wearing too much clothes "just in case". Is time to cross something off the list!

Always mindful of the destination you'll visit and the season, as it's not the same packing for Thailand where you have to wear light clothes that the luggage you would take if you travel to Iceland.

Besides, it's very importan to know the maximum weight allowed in airlines, both national and international. Normally it's 20 kilos, but if it is a low cost company, be careful don't excess limits with weight, as they are very strict and you could have problems at the airport.

To save space when traveling or making a suitcase as efficiently as possible, here are some tips:

Place shoes on outside pockets or at the bottom of the case, between the gaps of its structure.

Roll up your trousers to take up less space.

Socks, between the gaps that are left between clothes.

Better a suitcase that has a side with a clothing zipper because that way, if you put there shirts for example, do not wrinkle.

And do not forget to leave a gap for the bathroom accessories
! If it's possibly, it's better carrylittle bottles so you can fill them and there will be more space left on your baggage or get samples of creams for a few days, depending on the duration of the trip.

Another must in my travels is the first aid kit. I use a small bag where I place the basics such as plasters and paracetamol, and depending on the country where I travel, I include more specific drugs or serums for possible stomach problems, bites or infections.

I hope you found useful these tips for packing light while traveling. I'm sure everyone has their tricks. What is yours?