July 25, 2013

Useful tips for a safe road trip with your dog

A long road trip can be a nightmare for our dog if we don't plan it in advance and consider a few important things. So today I share some useful tips for a safe road trip with your dog and the journey will be enjoyable and relaxing for your pet.

Useful tips for a safe road trip with your dog

Planning the trip

It's very important for you to know, that many of the accidents that occur on the roads are caused by our pets, distracting the driver. Therefore it's necessary to take certain measures for both your safety and your dog.

Whether puppy or not, I advise you something it's essential for your pet to have an enjoyable road trip: get used to the new experience.

It's best to let your dog to get in the car, inspect and smell to make it more familiar. A short ride first for a few minutes so your dog know the feeling. And for a few weeks before the trip, make longer journeys and reward your dog to get in the habit and feel safe.

Do not forget before the trip, go to the vet and brig always with you, your dog's documentation.


The day of the trip, do not give anything to eat or drink to your pet to prevent vomiting inside the car. In case your dog gets dizzy, consult your veterinarian before. And always place a towel in the back seat of the car.

If the sun is coming through the window, try to cover the carrier or the window with a sarong or a thin scarf to keep out the heat .

And it's good that every two hours you stop for a walk and give your pet some water.

Where I take my dog?

It depends on the size of the dog. There are adjustable harnesses that attach to the seat belt of the car and are very safe for our pets. This mechanism is most useful for dogs of medium or large size. In addition, your dog should be sitting on the side opposite the driver.

If the dog is small, you have to take your pet inside a travel bag or a crate. The safest way is to place the seat belt around the crate or take the travel bag on the floor behind the seat. 

Don't forget to follow these tips for a safe road trip with your dog! How do you travel with your pet?