August 6, 2013

15 days exploring the island of Sardinia

Finally well-deserved vacation arrived. Just thinking about relaxing and discovering new places. This year the destination is an Italian island that I really wanted to visit. So tToday I bring you the itinerary of my 15 days trip exploring the island of Sardinia. 

15 days exploring the island of Sardinia
Sardinia is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and neighboring French Corsica. Known as the vacation spot of the rich and famous Italians, I'ts not only a place for the wealthy people and luxury yachts.

On the island we found a unique rich culture, due to the mixture of Spanish and Sardinian traditions. This is reflected in the buildings, art and food. Dream beaches with turquoise waters reminiscent of the Caribbean and green mountains to enjoy nature. Could we ask for more?

After many days thinking which places visit in Sardinia, we decided to go through the island with a rental car from Olbia to Alghero, not to mention the area of Gennargentu National Park, where we'll spend a few days hiking.

Day 1: Olbia 

Day 2: Hiking on Pinu Mount and Tempio Pausania. Nuraghe Majori. Moon Valley (in Aggius) and Lake Liscia. 

Day 3: Santa Teresa de Gallura and Capo testa .

Day 4: Maddalena Island

Day 5: Palau, Porto Pollo and Capo d´Orso .

Day 6: Emerald Coast

Day 7: Emerald Coast 

Day 8: San Teodoro (Caddu Coast), Posada and Siniscola Beach (La Caletta) 

Day ía 9: Orosei Gulf: Goloritze Cove (Biriola, Mariolu and Gabbiani) 

Day 10: Lake Cedrino and Dorgali 

Day 11: Hiking from Dorgali to Tiscali. Lannaittu Valley. Ispinigoli Caves and Gonone  Cove.

Day 12: Bosa and Alghero 

Day 13: Capo Caccia, Stintino, Capo Falcone, La Pelosa  Beach.

Day 14: Landscapes of Castelsardo and Sorso Beach.

Day 15: Olbia

I hope this Sardinia itinerary will be useful and guide you if you decide to explore this wonderful Italian island.