August 8, 2013

Best Tips for a Pleasant and Comfortable Flight

We spend an important time of our trips inside a plane, either for pleasure or work. It is the fastest way to move and travel long distances in the shortest time possible. We love to discover faraway countries but, how can we avoid an uncomfortable flight and spend the journey without overwhelm ourselves inside the plane? Here are the Best Tips for Pleasant and Comfortable Flight:
Consejos para un vuelo cómodo y placentero

Before traveling

When booking a flight, if you have the option, take the seat at the emergency exit. You'll have more room to move your legs and without the strain of having no seat in front of you. Another option is to choose the seat that is located just after Business Class on international flights. It is also more comfortable and spacious.

Consejos para un vuelo cómodo y placentero

For me is very important in
flights longer than four hours carrying thick socks in your purse or hand bag. Since in the case that you remove your shoes, the best option is put them on and you won't have cold feet because of the air conditioner. It's also good don't forget to bring a sweater or jacket, because even they provide blankets on the plane, the air conditioner is very strong for most travelers.

Another of my basics I never forget before flying
is inflatable pillow. Normally the ones provided on the plane are not very fluffy, so head crashes when you are trying to sleep. With inflatable pillows that fit the neck, sleep can be very pleasant.

As for the food, many travelers don't like the food inside during the flight, hence, it's convenient to carry some snacks, a sandwich, a candy or some fruit. This way if you don't eat what they give you in the plane, you won't
arrive hungry at your destination. If you have low blood pressure, also add something sweet. And always carry chewing gum for landing, since in case of high pressure, you won't have clogged ears.

If you are vegetarian, have any allergies or any food restrictions, don't forget to call after booking your flight and notify it to the airline. This will avoid unpleasant surprises during flight.

During the flight

The humidity inside the cabin is usually less than 20%, which can provoke skin dryness and discomfort of the eyes, mouth and nose so it's highly recommended always have a bottle of water and drink it every hour. For those of you using contact lenses, I advise you, if flight is very long, wearing glasses that day.

One of the consequences of spending many hours sitting motionless, can be a poor circulation or legs falling asleep. This is the famous Economy Class Syndrome. For this, the World Health Organization recommends move about the cabin every two hours and exercise with circular movements the feet and ankles, and stretch legs and trunk.

The seats are usually quite uncomfortable, at least for me, so I usually try to locate a pillow from a spare seat in the cabin or ask a flight attendant for an extra one, and place it in the kidney area. Thus, the back is straight and it is much more comfortable.

It's important to try to sleep a few hours on the way. It can
be tricky sometimes, but you could listen to soft music, close your eyes and try to relax. For those of you disturbed by noise inside the cabin because of the air and the plane's engines, it's advisable to use earplugs.

If there is turbulence during flight, try to relax, take a deep breath and think about what you will do when you get to your destination and in the following days. If you go with someone, ask your partner to speak to you so distract you and forget those sudden movements of the aircraft.

To avoid boredom during the flight, it's essential to carry journals, a book or ebook, a notepad, music... and don't forget the earphones! Personally I don't like hte ones that give you on the plane, because never fit well. If you are not traveling alone, another solution to boredom is to bring games or a deck of cards.

And above all, don't be afraid or ashamed to seek help from the flight attendants. Generally, they help you on everything is in their hands.


After the flight

Once you arrive at destination, it'ss advisable to take a walk to stretch your legs and drink some water or juice.

In another post I will tell you my tips to avoid jet lag, another important effect of flying long distances.

I hope these tips will be helpful for a more pleasant and enjoyable flight. Happy travels!