August 9, 2013

Friday Pic: Scottish Highland Cow

I love animals, specially I like learn curious and interesting things about them. That’s why today’s Friday Pic is dedicated to a special one: Scottish Highland Cow

Friday Pic: Scottish Highland Cow

When my parents visited Scotland, they sent me a postcard of these famous cows. I've never seen a cow so hairy and look so curious. At that moment I said to myself that I would add that country to my list of pending places to visit. Stunned by their castles and nature, I hope to go to Scotland soon.

The Highland, are a breed of cow native from the Highlands of Scotland. Their fur is longer than usual, covering their eyes and their color is characteristic. The animal is very peculiar and resistant to cold climates and have a great maternal instinct which make them unique in the world. Currently, these cows have been carried to other parts of the world, and you can find them in countries like Norway, Alaska and Argentina. 

Would you like to visit Scotland and meet their amazing cows? 

Happy Friday!