September 5, 2013

5 Essential tips for traveling to Rome

Without a doubt, Rome is one of the most visited cities in Europe, known for its infinite beauty, culture, history, food.  I could spend hours listing reasons for visiting this city. So, today I bring you 5 essential tips for traveling to Rome and how you can make your trip planning much easier.

5 Consejos imprescindibles para viajar a Roma


5 Consejos imprescindibles para viajar a Roma

You know the saying "All roads lead to Rome" and that slogan is just as true for airlines as it is for roads. Numerous airlines have direct flights to and from the city from the main European capitals. In addition, there are many airlines flying there with a wide range of prices, which will lower your transportation costs, and allowing you to have extra money for accommodation and for food.

The Roma Pass

This pass eliminates many troubles and has saved me hours of unnecessary queues. Personally, I find it necessary to visit many of the monuments in Rome, so I recommend it! You can buy the Roma Pass at tourist information centers and kiosks. I bought them at the Termini train station.

It costs 34 euros, which seems a lot, but is worth it for three days. It allows you to travel on any public transport for 3 consecutive days; get free admission to see the first two museums or monuments you visit; as well as to skip the queues. This pass also offers discounts on other attraction sites, such as museums and art galleries..

Visit The Vatican

The Vatican is a must see: Since it's always busy, it's very important to consider the day of your visit.  Since the Vatican is closed most Sundays of the year and during major events, it may be closed to the public during those times. As in the case of the Roma Pass, if you book tickets in advance, you will save yourself a lot of time waiting. To buy them, you can access the official website of the Vatican Museum. It only cost 16 euros!


There is a huge variety of hotels in Rome, as well as apartments and hostels, so no worries, because there is accommodation available for all budgets. If you plan on staying in the city center, look for a charming small hotel. I'm sure you'll find a good price.


To choose a restaurant in Rome, consider a good quality at a better price and stay away from snack caravans located close to the main tourist attractions, such as the Coliseum, and stay away from the most crowded places such as Trevi Fountain. I recommend the Trastevere neighborhood: Its streets are full of restaurants in old-fashioned buildings that sell the best pizza. One of my favorite places in Rome!

do you have any tips for traveling to Rome?