September 13, 2013

Friday Pic: Jumeirah

Dubai is a destination that leaves no one indifferent. Many of us see it as a place of opulence and wealth out of reach and even excessive, and others of us see it as a haven of luxury and business. So today's Friday Pic is dedicated to one of the most famous residential areas of Dubai: Jumeirah

Friday Pic: Jumeirah
Photo by Pete the painter
I could'n decide for a single photo, so today I bring you two, symbols of Jumeirah. This neighborhood is famous for its private homes, beaches and exclusive hotels. It's the main center of international expatriates and visited by curious tourists who come to see the environment around the area.

Friday Pic: Jumeirah
Photo by Éole Wind
Everything with the word Jumeirah in Dubai, is related to exclusivity. Would you like to visit this unique place?

Happy Friday!