September 3, 2013

Sleeping in a Lighthouse in California

During my 10 day trip through the U.S. as one of the winners of Big Blog Exchange, one of the experiences I remember the most is my stay at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, in San Francisco Bay. Undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places I have ever seen. 

A landmark with something special. You feel it once you get to the park and see the lighthouse, a historic monument that today is still working and giving light to ships approaching the stunning coast of California.

La experiencia de dormir en el faro de Pigeon Point

It's just one hour from the city of San Francisco on Highway 1. Open your eyes, because while driving, you can enjoy the entire San Francisco Bay, its beaches, cliffs and greenery.

To my surprise, not only I was able to enjoy a unique place, but I was able to sleep in the hostel located in small houses that form the lighthouse, formerly workers' houses.

This hostel is part of Hostelling International and represents one of the historic hostels maintained by the organization and representing the current eco-lodges, hotels and resorts ensuring sustainable tourism that respects the environment.

It was such a luxury to spend the night at Pigeon Point. In the afternoon, after an exhausting morning in Año Nuevo National Park, I decided it was time to relax with a walk around the lighthouse and its surroundings. On one side, endless cliffs where the sea caresses the rocks and leave us postcards and stunning images. On the other side, a white sandy beach where suspicious seals show up over the rocks. They live in Pigeon Point, it's clear that they know is a magical place and I could reach the same conclusion as I arrived there.

The hostel has several one-floor houses named by marine animals in the doors.

Each one with three bedrooms, a bathroom, a lounge and a large kitchen. In addition, the back door opens onto a terrace where you can spend a few hours reading a book with the sound of waves. 

I was so fortunate to stay in a room with direct views of the lighthouse and what is better, booked the hot tub at sunset which is located on the seafront, on one of the cliffs. The sunset views are unique hiding. Could I ask for more?

Hostelling International and the National State Park Association of California raise funds to maintain and restore the lighthouse.

A work that should not be forgotten, if like me, you visit Pigeon Point, you will find that a bit of this lighthouse will stay forever in your memory.