December 10, 2013

Lapland, The Ultimate Winter Destination

Lapland can best be described as the largest most genuine park. Situated in Finland, Lapland offers unique nature, fascinating attractions and diverse activities making it a perfect place for holidays throughout the year. 

Some of the most fascinating moments to experience are the northern lights, the midnight sun that shines night and day, autumn colors and twilight in mid- winter.

Lapland Park is divided into regions all of which have amazing features for tourists. Some of the most distinct places to visit this winter are Levi; Levi has enchanting landscapes that encourage tourists to enjoy nature as it provides excellent spots for people who love the outdoors.

Parks like the Nordic Fitness Park has a walking route where tourists can also visit the Reindeer Park as they are enjoying the walk. There is also the Adventure Park which is interesting as it gives people of all ages the opportunity to put themselves to the test. Also at Levi is the Bike Park which is a haven for cyclists as it provides them with thrills. There are also areas for families to have fun activities like the gondola area.

Another distinct region in Lapland is Rovaniemi. It is the capital of the Finnish Lapland. For tourists, it is known as the home town of Santa Claus. At Rovaniemi tourists experience wonders of Lapland, the services that this modern town provides and the proximity of nature can be experienced throughout the year. 

A visit to Rovaniemi is characterized by a combination of nature adventures and thrilling safaris. Some of the best destinations for day trips in this region are the national park at Pyha and the zoo at Ranua. Ounasvaara center for skiing and the Santa Claus village are also interesting places to visit. Other activities tourists may take part in include shopping as well as enjoying the night life and culture.

Posio is another distinct region of Lapland. Located South of Lapland, Posio is characterized by abundant waterways, snow and ice, attractive holiday home destinations as well as un-tampered wilderness. With its appealing nature, Posio attracts tourists throughout the year. Some of the fun activities they can take part at this region are hunting, fishing, ice climbing and hiking.

Salla which is characterized by picturesque and tranquil gives tourists an experience different from the everyday life as they get the chance to breathe easily to the wilderness’s rhythm

The atmosphere made by history is felt when tourists visit the Second World War’s numerous battlefields. There is plenty of room for accommodation; hotels, restaurants and cabins are available in different standards and sizes. Tourists can take part in activities like safaris into the wilderness by huskies, snowmobiles, snow shoes, reindeers as well as church boats.

Suomu which is allocated at the Arctic Circle is a popular place for families. It is a region that is safe and sufficiently small. It has beautiful forests that offer relaxed thrills as well as enjoyment. The wooded area provides shelter for skiers and families can enjoy dinners.

Tonio valley is another interesting region. It is rich and unique meeting point of cultures. Because of this it has made the region an active and rich area that reflects solidarity. Tourists can enjoy festivals such as Aavasaksa which is an old and popular event where tourists can admire the mid-night sun every year.  

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