January 14, 2014

Advice for Student Travel to Paris

If you are at college or university, your Christmas holidays will typically lasted about four weeks. That’s an awfully long time to be at home, right? 

So maybe next-time you and a group of housemates are thinking of spending a bit of time off together before heading your separate ways or perhaps before the new term begins. 

How about taking a trip to Paris this year? Maybe to do a bit of sightseeing or buy some unique and interesting Christmas gifts, or perhaps to see the New Year in? 

Advice for Student Travel to Paris

This can be a great way to bond with new friends in your first year, or just to have a good time with firm friends you’ve made during the last year or two of your course. It’s an adventure and it is part of establishing your independence and finding out more about yourselves and each other. But can you afford a trip like this on a student budget? 

Well, it can cost less than you think. You might initially research flights and train tickets, but don’t forget long-haul coach journeys. There are several coach operators that offer trips from London to Paris but prices and quality of the journey can vary considerably and it can depend on when you book and when you intend to travel. Journeys are often a lot more expensive during the holidays, too.

However, you can get an iDBUS London to Paris for the Mini Price of £33 each way, and if you book four tickets you only pay for three – great if you’re travelling in a group. There is at least one journey each day at this price, with other journeys costing slightly more depending on the time of departure, but all the prices are fixed so in that respect it doesn’t matter when you book.

Any iDBUS coach station will be located in a central spot: in London the iDBUS departs from London Victoria Coach Station and in Paris it arrives at Paris Bercy, which is close to the city centre. That means that you can get on with enjoying your holiday from the moment you arrive and local public transport links mean you can easily reach your hotel without the need for expensive taxis.  

If you wanted to head further afield, you could take an iDBUS from the same coach station to other European cities but Paris is a great place to visit at this time of year. As well as seeing all the usual tourist hotspot destinations such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, you could visit Christmas markets, go ice skating outdoors beside the town hall and stroll along the Champs Elysees

As for accommodation you can find cheaper budget hotels on the outskirts of the city that are accessible by Metro train (which is inexpensive – buy a carnet book of 10 one-way tickets and share them out between you) but with the money you will have saved with iDBUS getting from London to Paris and the fact that you can share rooms and split the cost you might decide that you can afford somewhere more comfortable.

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