January 12, 2014

Happy New Year!

I find New Year’s Eve quite a depressing time, it’s full of expectation and people who are coupled up, and being a single girl, I generally don’t enjoy the evening. To me, it’s just another evening, despite the TV being full of ‘year’s best’ programmes, and any night out locally usually ends up with a very expensive taxi home, and half a pint of beer spilled down me by over-excited revellers, wanting to kiss me at midnight.

Happy New year

It’s not fun for me.

It’s for this reason that last year I decided to venture away for the big occasion, and find out how it’s celebrated overseas. Turned out to be a huge success.

Barcelona was my choice, and I couldn’t have picked a more perfect setting for a night away from it all. My friends and I managed to book flights quite early in the summer for our planned venture, as I had a sneaking suspicion they would shoot up nearer the time, and I was right. If you know you’re wanting to go away at New Year, I’d recommend booking early, and especially during a sale, as you’ll save, and this can be put towards your planned partying. There are many cheap flights over to cities in Europe from many nationwide airports, so you’ll never struggle to find a destination that’s within your budget. It’s a good idea to check out real-time flight information before you leave the house, as this time of year is renowned for travel glitches and delays. I checked Gatwick departures the night before we were due to fly, and was reassured to find no problems expected, and also found out handy information on our terminal, and what to do at the airport.

If you’re heading a large European city, you’ll have plenty of choice where accommodation is concerned, but again this may be more expensive at this time of year. Again, book early, and if you’re heading away in a group, why not book somewhere that charges per room and not per person, and then share? You’ll cut costs again, and your room will only be a base anyway.

Remember the one thing many forget – holiday insurance. You won’t want to start a brand new, fresh year with a huge bill because you ended up breaking your leg and couldn’t afford the medical cover, or you lost your baggage and had to buy everything again. Hopefully none of this will happen anyway, but you can’t put a price on peace of mind! Why not consider buying an annual policy, pay once, throw it in your hand luggage, and you’re covered for all your year’s holidays, without having to think about it again.

I enjoyed New Year’s Eve for the first time in a long time, being away from my usual surroundings and out of my comfort zone, and it’s certainly an experience I intend to repeat, in fact, I’m currently planning where to jet off to this time too!

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