January 22, 2014

Unusual Holidays

Going on holiday should be about undergoing fresh experiences, be it with a totally new climate or to see a one-off event at a certain time of the year. The traditional beach holiday isn’t necessarily exciting for many of us so a bit of imagination is needed when coming to choose a more stimulating location. 

Here is a list of some more unusual holiday destinations which can help you decide where to go this year. 


Geographically, Australia is one of the closest countries to the Antarctica, the earth’s southernmost continent and covered almost entirely by a substantial thick layer of ice. The freezing temperatures and strong winds mean that the only people living there are government scientists from different countries over the world

Because of the severe conditions and poor accessibility, travel to the Antarctica is expensive and is only recommended during the summer season of November to March. This doesn’t mean to say it is not worth the outlay however as the stunning untouched natural beauty of the area and unfamiliar wildlife are sights you won’t forget in a while.

If you’re looking for more information on how to get there and what to see, check out this website here from Cruise1st.


Although not a conventional holiday destination, Mongolia shouldn’t be ignored as a place to visit. For those with an interest in their history, there is the chance to imitate what it was like to be a warrior of Genghis Khan, one of the most feared and deadly army generals the world has ever seen. Adventure companies provide you with full replica costumes and the chance to learn 13th century battle skills. 

Unusual holidays mongolia

What also passes through Mongolia is the famous Trans-Mongolian Railway, turning south to Beijing from the same route as the Trans-Siberian line. The journey may be long but offers fantastic exposure to the majestic landmarks and scenery of innermost Asia. 

Most travel sites have guides to the area, but I like this one from Lonely Planet.

Pamplona, Spain

The city of Pamplona in Spain makes it onto this list because it is the home of the seven-day festival of San Fermín, held annually from 6 July. This festival includes various attractions for the hordes of incomers to enjoy, along with folk singing and musical offerings. However, it is the ‘running of the bulls’ which bestows the festival its foremost selling-point.

This is a remarkable event where around a dozen bulls are let loose on a sectioned-off part of the city’s streets. Participants in the event run in front of the bulls so as not to be caught up by them, causing a mass of excitement and panic in the ensuing chaos. It is a long standing tradition that has been taking place for many years and remains popular to this day.

There is more information on the 2014 festival here.


Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a very small island lying off the coast of Italy. With a rich history and blend of distinct architecture, Malta is a picturesque destination to visit, especially in the summer. Culture boffins will not be disappointed as there is an excess of museums, theatres, open-air stages and art galleries to delight in. 

Unusual holidays Malta

Religion also plays a big part in the Maltese culture and with the vast majority of the population being Roman Catholics, many cathedrals and churches are dotted around the island also.  There is also the opportunity to dive all year round in the clear waters making for high visibility.

This Maltese site has lots more things to see and do once you’re there.

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