March 10, 2014

5 New York Tourist Spots For Kids

If you love traveling with your kids and explore new places, News York is the perfect city to discover with your family. Your kids will enjoy every attraction of the city and they always want to try new things to do with a big smile on their faces!

When exploring New York, you may want to visit some of the must-see places for kids:

1.    Try the Rides at Luna Park, Coney Island

New York has one of the best landmarks in the world. Who could’ve thought that an amusement park can be a landmark? But Coney Island is indeed iconic not only for New Yorkers but families on a holiday in NYC as well. The kids will surely love the different rides and you’ll have no problem on food spending since the carnival food like hotdogs and fast foods are relatively affordable within the park.

2.    See Manhattan at the Empire State Building

Who wouldn’t recognize the Empire State Building? It has seen some of its fair share in several romantic Hollywood movies. You can enjoy the amazing view of Manhattan atop the observatory. In fact, the elevator ride in itself is something that your kids must experience. The long lift ride passes 86 floors.

3.    Meet the Statue of Liberty

Your family’s New York adventure is not complete without meeting the infamous Statue of Liberty. Seeing it for the first time is like meeting the President of the United States; such is the charisma of this iconic statue. There are various tour services that you can pay for in bringing you to the Statue of Liberty.

4.    Explore Central Park

Another iconic landmark in New York is the luscious greenery of Central Park. Central Park is a breath of fresh air because it’s surrounded by buzzing city structures. Hence, New Yorkers go to this place to relax if they get tired of their usual busy schedule. For tourists, they can relax in Central Park after a busy city walk tour.

5.    Shop at Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is not your typical market. This place is a haven for shoppers on a budget which is what majority of family on holidays are.  There are different types of food stalls operating in the market. From local delicacies to foreign oriented recipes, the Chelsea Market has it. In fact, this may be the best place in New York for you to buy a souvenir of NYC. 

What makes Chelsea Market different from other types of markets in New York? Chelsea Market is not just a market but it’s also a haven for artistic individuals. There are always scheduled artistic events like exhibits or mini concert being held in Chelsea Market. Hence, people visiting this place are not only exposed to affordable goods but to some amazing exhibition of artistry as well.

End Note

Note that the abovementioned locations are located in various places. It’s just a suggestion which you may want to consider. Hence, it’s sometimes better to opt for a car hire in New York. Take note of the expenses you might incur when you visit these places. For a more budget friendly exploration of New York, try to visit neighboring places so that you can maximize your money and time.

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