February 16, 2014

Whistle-Stop Guide to Belek: Ten Things to Do

The beautiful township of Belek is situated on the coast of Turkey’s Antalya Province. The dynamic blend of authentic Turkish culture and innovative modern tourist attractions here is rapidly turning Belek into one of the most popular tourist resorts in Turkey. 

Whistle-Stop Guide to Belek

Here are just a few of the features that are making Belek so popular.

1.    Beaches

Belek’s stunning beaches are a natural attraction for anyone seeking a more conventional escape to the sun. Many in the area now have blue flag beach park facilities and offer a clean, safe and convenient place to relax.

2.    Golf

If you are a keen golfer, there aren’t many places with more to offer you than Belek. Much of its success as a holiday resort was built on golf, and the area now boasts ten championship level golf courses with many more in construction.

For a larger budget, it also offers luxurious golf hotels.

3.    Other sports

Aside from its booming golf industry, Belek also holds a variety of other sports facilities, including a celebrated tennis school and world-class football facilities that are regularly visited by some of Europe’s foremost teams.

4.    Comfortable accommodation

Building on the area’s tourist boom, the Belek area now holds 47 four or five-star hotels and holiday villages to cater for almost any taste.

5.    Belek town

The town of Belek itself is a fascinating attraction. In part because of the Turkish Tourism Ministry’s investment in it, Belek is a truly beautiful town. At its heart stands an attractive mosque, surrounded by ornate statues and waterfalls.

6.    Alanya

For a taste of authentic Turkish history, travel a little way along the coast to the vast and ancient Ottoman castle of Alanya.

7.    Antalya city

The city of Antalya is the centre of Antalya province. It is a breathtakingly beautiful place that can trace its origins back to the ancient world, and which still contains many Greco-Roman artefacts.

8.    Koprulu Canyon National Park

Just a little inland from Belek is the stunningly beautiful Koprulu Canyon National Park, where as well as just basking in the splendour of the views, you can sample adventure-holiday activities like hiking and white-water rafting.

9.    Aspendos

For another cultural feast, visit the remarkably well-preserved Roman amphitheatre at Aspendos. The Antik Theatre at Aspendos is an exquisitely beautiful building that houses a wide variety of shows and performances throughout the year, and in particular, the Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival.

10.    Cuisine

Visit Belek and the areas around it for the delicious and unique local cuisine. This includes the signature ‘Piaz’ (a type of succulent salad or meze), ‘Tirmis’ (boiled lupin seeds) and various dishes made with the local ‘Grida’ fish.

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