December 14, 2014

How to Spend Your Time in the Snow in Canada

When you visit Canada on holiday, snow may very well be an inevitable encounter. Don't let this white powdery substance scare you into thinking you need to hide under the covers though. 

Get your warm clothing on and enjoy it! Think you will hate it? Are you not a “snowy cold-loving” person? Well stop that way of thinking and think about getting warm with any of the fun-filled activities that can be had in the snow. Plus, there's always coffee and a hot fireplace burning somewhere inside when you're done playing in the frozen powder.

Ice Fishing

Love fishing? Well, don't think that ice covered lake should stop you from enjoying it. Ice fishing is a great way to spend time with your buddies and of course, catch some dinner. 

There's plenty of spots, especially at resorts and lodges, that offer the best locations for you to get that catch of the day.


You have heard of skiing, snowboarding, and making a snowman...but what the heck is snowshoeing? Just think about strapping on things that are a cross between skis and shoes. 

They’re like mini skis so you can actually walk in them. It's challenging, fun, and fantastic winter spot that is active enough to get your blood flowing out of it's frozen state. Go to Heli snowshoeing for a remote area to frolic around in.


Pups love the snow too. This sport is available in most of Canada and is a bit of a relief for those who don't want to risk their clumsy selves on the ski slopes. 

Sit on the sled and and bob away with the dogs pulling you through the gorgeous white terrain. Call of the Wild is a reputable establishment to contact for this experience.


Well, this should be a pretty obvious one on the list, and Canada is one of the best spots to go to for it. Skiing is probably the most popular snow sport and there's a hefty number of resorts and lodges that will whisk you away and up to the mountains for you to start your skiing adventures. 

Your ski holidays with Elegant resorts will be the ultimate memory of your Canadian snowy adventures, so chose the resort or lodge that best fits your needs and slice up the powder with your friend and family.


The skating rink might be warmer, but try the outside skating rink at the Rideau Canal Skateway. This is the largest iceskating rink in the world, and is a safe and fun spot for the whole family to get together and strap on their iceskates. 

January and February are the usual months the canal opens up at since this is when the ice is safest to skate on. Try your hand at the icey pathway and try a little jump or twirl while you're at it too. There's shoes and sharpening tools available at the facility.

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