March 26, 2015

Looking for elephants in London

¿Have you ever been looking for elephants in London?

Maybe you were lucky to find a colored elephant in the middle of the street in one of your trips, or a cow with red and white spots next to an iconic monument. 

Looking for elephants in London

Animal sculptures are traveling the world for a good cause. Do you want to know a little more about them? 

Singapore, Milan, Copenhagen and Amsterdam are just some of the places where these figures came as original. 

The aim is to aware people of each city or country about various charitable causes, and whoever, bring their bit by buying a replica of these animals. 

They come in different sizes, from tiny to life size, of course, depending on size and design, the price is different. And the money will be allocated entirely to the cause being promoted. 

The sculptures that we saw on the streets of London as well as being different from each other, were designed by well-known authors and celebrities reputation. 

Tommy Hilfiger, Diane von Fürstenberg, Marc Quinn and Corneille were involved in the project. And I can assure you that once you see one, you cannot stop looking around looking for elephants! The name of the event is called Elephant Parade.

It is a very original way to publicize the organizations that help preserve nature and the world we live in and prevent the extinction of certain animals or be earmarked for needy regions.

These figures of elephants made the weekend in London was different and fun. 

In Oxford Street store set up where you could purchase temporary replicas of the figures and whose proceeds went entirely to The Asian Elephant Foundation. This was the one we chose, an elephant with elegant suit! 

At the end of the Elephant Parade, all 258 original elephant sculptures are sold in an auction and in London was raised 4 million pounds. 

So you can imagine how important is this initiative.

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Such a perfect weekend in one of my fovorite cities!
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