April 10, 2015

Traveling to Ibiza with our Kids

Ibiza has always been considered a great place for entertainment, but we may have never thought of it as a great place to travelwith kids, it may seem that the island only has mature-targeted activities, and that’s far from true, for Ibiza has a great variety and offers for all ages and specially for the little ones. 

In today’s article we are going to travel to Ibiza with our kids:

First, what most people recommend is to rent a vehicle in order to move around the island with our kids with no problems.

Once we have procured ourselves a vehicle we have only to go around the island to enjoy the multiple things it offers us.

We can visit the Playa de Ses Salines, where we can talk walks with our family and we can find all the services we may need (hammocks, beach umbrellas, restaurants, bars, shops, showers, lifeguards, security officers in the beach, etc.).

We can also find a lot of activity near the water, with surfing and catamaran, which our kids can enjoy to the fullest.

If we want our kids to enjoy the nature we can see around the beach we have the chance to go to the watch tower, take a walk through the forest, and if we’re lucky enough we may find a cove for ourselves to enjoy of the quiet and the sea.

After our day at the beach we must have a good meal, and Ibiza is the perfect place for this, and most of all with the kids’ offers.

We can find a good amount of restaurants with menus for kids, but the most known is El Chiringuito, which is not only a perfect place to eat, but we can enjoy of the Es Cavallet beach, and enjoy of the children’s area of Little Chiringuito, where the little ones will be able to paint, draw and play while you enjoy of the evening with your couple.

Others activities we can find in the island kid-oriented are the Acrobosc, and acrobatic activity located in the forest between Santa Eulalia and Es Canar, where we will find various circuits of different difficulties for all ages.

We don’t have more excuses, Ibiza is perfect for a lot of things, and also a perfect place to visit with our kids.

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