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Trekking and hiking in the Moroccan desert

The desert is everywhere going towards the south, the access by Zagora offers possibilities of very beautiful trips on foot.

The history of the desert here is inseparable from the ancient track of Timbuktu, that borrowed by the caravans loaded with riches of this other world, on the other side of the desert.

The valley of Draa, fed by the waters that come down from the Atlas, part of the old track of Timbuktu, stretches between Zagora and the doors of the Sahara, The hiking routes take place between dunes, oases and palm groves.

A little further south, beyond M’Hamid: the land of the Atta of the Sahara which occupies the oasis or stopped the caravans and the desert with horizon loss. The one in which we have no reference.

As in other massifs, many itineraries can be envisaged, starting from Marrakech, lodgings or fixed camp or in total immersion in the company of a team of camel drivers (count then 3 days minimum of excursions plus the transfers ).


Not far from there, the still unknown oasis of Tazzarine also offers great possibilities. A route that has the particularity to connect with wonderfully with a trekking in the Saghro


On foot in the Sahara from the still unknown oasis of Tazzarine, luggage transport by camels.

Day 1: Transfer to Tazzarine from Boumalne du Dades or N’Kob if chained with a trekking North-South without the Saghro

Day 2: Tazarine-Seghar-Piton of Isk nbrahim. 4/5 hours. We discover the guetteras, argan trees, underground pipes, while walking towards the blue mountain of Seghdrar. Insignificant difference in height. Camp

Day 3: The dunes of Foum Tizza / 5 hours.

We shoot full east through the great desert spaces, without fail to admire the panorama offered by the ascent of Jebel Amlhafi, a promontory in the form of a tabular plateau overlooking the Sahara of some 300 meters. Camp in the dunes of Foum Tizza

Day 4: Taghbalt wadi / 4 hours.

Southeast direction we take a beautiful dune ridge, we cross the plateau of Toukal. Further we reach the canyon of Taghbalt, a beautiful oasis with cultures that color the desert despite the dry wadi. Last camp.

Day 5: A last big walk to reach the village of Taghbalt. From there we reach Ouarzazate by the valley and the palm grove of Draa where we stop lunch / 3:30 pm. Overnight at the hotel on Ouarzazate or return to Boumalne du Dades.

Day 6: After i finished my trip in the desert i headed to the Atlas mountains, a total different climat and nature, after 5 hours on the road i found my self on Imlil preparing to my toubkal trekking experience with my toubkal guide, the journey to climb the 4165m long montain was little bit hard but it totally worth it !